2017-04-26 20.31.54NYC/LI NARI was invited by Carl Schiovone to participate at his East Coast Real Estate Investors Association event Wednesday, April 26th at Domenico's in Levittown. The room was packed with 100 building, real estate and finance professionals interested in flipping homes.  On the Contractor Board representing NARI were Laurence Carolan of House of Laurence, Ben Jackson of Ben's General Contracting, George Combs of George W. Combs, Inc. and Joanne Bechhoff of G.B. Construction and Development.

Laurence Carolan provided a brief background about NARI and the association's mission to raise the level of professionalism in the remodeling industry. He also stressed the dangers of cutting corners at the jobsite and the importance of proper licensing and liability insurance.

Photo 3A topic of conversation was the role of a general contractor and the ability of a real estate investor to properly manage all facets of construction. As George Combs said, "you are really managing people's expectations." According to Ben Jackson, "it really depends on the scope of the work. If the property just needs minor cosmetic improvement, like painting, it may not be a problem." Joanne Becchoff shared her experience of coming onto a job site where the GC was not a seasoned building professional, and the headaches of fixing mistakes in the field. All agreed that it's always best to hire a knowledgeable, licensed and insured professional - plus, it's against the law to execute home improvement projects without proper licensing.

Thanks to Carl Schiovone for inviting NYC/LI NARI members to share their experience and advise. As Carl says, "whether you are remodeling properties for rental or high-end flip, having the right contractors is essential in the success of your project!"

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