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NYC/LI NARI Executive Director Regina Biondo, President John Hogan and board members Eric Vogel of Coastal Cabinet Works and Dawn Cameron of Prospect Mortgage attended the Long Island Board of Realtors (LIBOR) Affiliate Networking event on Thursday, October 15th at the Crest Hollow in Woodbury, NY.

The networking event was arranged so affiliate members like NYC/LI NARI would have the opportunity to make an impression on, and begin to form relationships with a diverse cross section of LIBOR's 23,000 members.  The real estate professionals at LIBOR can benefit from NYC/LI NARI's wide variety of remodeling industry resources, particularly NYC/LI NARI's directory and magazine 'Design & Remodel.'

Michael Miller, Business Development Manager at LIBOR and Regina Biondo

Michael Miller, LIBOR Business Development Manager and Regina Biondo

"I commend LIBOR on it's ability to bring people together. The event was well attended, lively and organized. We look forward to working with LIBOR at similar events in the future to promote professionalism in the home remodeling industry and serve as a resource for both realtors and new homeowners," Biondo said.

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