By Dan Taddei, MS.Ed, BCA
NARI National News, June 12, 2015

elements-of-buildingHave you been looking for a book that answers all those little questions that come up? I recently had the opportunity to read the book, The Elements of Building—a Business Handbook for Residential Builders & Tradesmen, by Mark Q. Kerson and published by From The Ground Up Publishing.

The author states that this book is designed along the lines of The Elements of Style by Strunk & White and in this regard it hit its mark. The author takes the essences of running a remodeling, construction or home improvement/handyman business and compiles it into easy to access quick-to-read topics. This is not a book you would read cover to cover, it is one that you will keep by your side, and when a question was raised you would turn to the table of contents and quickly access the answer or at least get sage guidance to help you develop an answer that suits your business.

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