It’s never too early!  Even though our entry date isn’t until October, you must start your planning now.  A winning project is an excellent marketing tool. Everyone likes dealing with an “Award Winning Contractor.”

Which Jobs do I select?  Sometimes it’s difficult at the beginning of a project to determine what the end result will be and if it will be “Award Worthy.”  The best advice is to look at all of your jobs as potential Coty entries.

How do I start planning? Take pictures and keep notes about the design, planning and construction phases of the job.

Photos:  Take plenty of before pictures and from all angles of the location.

Take pictures during the job to show difficulties and obstacles.
Never show any identifying logos, job signs, workers or company vehicles in the pictures.
Make sure that your before, during and after pictures are all from the same angle.

Paperwork: Call the NARI office at 631-673-6274 and request a copy of last year’s forms so that you can prepare for what you will need this year.

You will need to get a photo release.
You will need the homeowner’s signature on your application.

Categories: Keep track of your costs and the homeowner’s contribution as far as any items they provided. All must be included in your final cost and this will affect the category you enter.

Need Help? If you have never entered the CotY Awards before, it is not that difficult. If you need help, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 631-648-4848. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Barry Goggin MCR, CKBR
NARI Awards Chairman



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