Pat BSELLING TO REMODELERS: Your Website as a Sales Tool
LBM Journal, November 21, 2014 Articles, November/December 2014,

Online product pricing and availability could set you apart from your competition.


During the day, I—like most NARI members—am out in the field working on remodeling or new build construction projects. I don’t have a large office staff to do the legwork to find the LBM product information I need. As a result, I must do that research and manage the jobsites myself. Because of this, having web-based access to LBM pricing, availability, material specifications and MSDS sheets would make my job significantly easier for estimating and bid purposes.

Most of the time I review and search for product information in the off hours, when the LBM supply houses are generally closed. Online access to LBM product information would allow me to look up information when I need it as opposed to having to call the supply house during business hours, request pricing on specific items and wait to have them determine availability.

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