Andrew RosaThe words on Jo Ann Rosa’s Christmas card last year expressed a belief her family lives by: “Life brings us to unexpected places. Love brings us home.”

The Selden woman's fifteen year-old son, Andrew, was sitting on his bicycle when he was hit by a car on Adirondack Drive in May 2010. No charges were filed against the driver.

The weekend of July 29th -31st remodeling professionals from the NARI NYC/LI Chapter banned together to help a family within their community who truly needed them. "NARI is a non-profit organization of professional remodelers," said Executive Director, Lesa Dresher. Members from across Long Island will be modifying the Rosa residence, located in Selden, so that they may bring their critically injured 15 year old son home from the hospital.

On May 17, 2010, the Rosa family's lives changed forever. Andrew was riding his bicycle on Adirondack Drive when a motorist struck him. As a result of the accident, Andrew suffered eight fractured ribs, bi-lateral clavicle fractures, a scapular fracture, a shoulder blade fracture, and a skull fracture. Additionally, Andrew suffered a laceration to his liver, contusion to his heart and collapsed lungs. He went into cardiac arrest three times.

In order for Andrew's family to bring him home, certain modifications to the house had to be made. The family home could not accommodate Andrew's lifts and hospital bed. An extension and universal design bath were added. "At NARI, we take care of our community members in times of need," said Dresher.

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